What to Do after Getting Injured?

What to Do after Getting Injured?

Updated on Tuesday 28th February 2017

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What-to-do-after-getting-injuredThe incidence of personal injuries caused by car accidents in Los Angeles has grown during the last few years, however, the number of other types of accidents is not to be neglected. No matter the type of accident one could suffer it is good to know how to act right after suffering a personal injury.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can offer legal aid if you have suffered any type of accident and want to file a claim.

The first thing to do right after suffering an accident

The first step to take after suffering an accident is to tend to your health. Make sure you get better in order to be able to seek legal assistance and obtain the right compensation for the injuries you were caused. How you take care of your health also depends on the type of accident and the extension of the damages: if the injuries are serious, call for medical help and once you get better request a consultation from our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers. On the other hand, if the lesions suffered are minor and you feel up to collect some evidence, do not hesitate to do that. It will weigh considerably when filing your claim. Once you gathered the evidence, you can hire a law firm to represent you in a lawsuit or in the negotiations with the insurance company.

Evidence after getting injured

The evidence is the most important factor after suffering an accident which has caused a personal injury. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys recommend to collect evidence such as testimonies of eye witnesses or at least phone numbers for these to be contacted, if there are any, to ask for the police report on the incident, to ask for the medical reports and if you can take pictures of the scene, you should do that also. It could also help if you write down everything that happened prior and right after the accident.

How long do you wait to file a claim after a personal injury in L.A.?

An important factor which should be taken into consideration after getting injured is how long you wait to file your claim. If the accident has caused serious damages, then you should wait until you are fully recovered, however, if the accident caused minor injuries make sure and act as soon as possible. In California, the limitation period for filing a claim in a personal injury case is 2 years, however, it is never recommended to wait that long.

If you have suffered an accident and need help to settle your case, contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys as soon as your condition allows it for the best outcome.



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