Insurance Company Negotiation in L.A.

Insurance Company Negotiation in L.A.

Updated on Saturday 25th February 2017

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Insurance-Company-Negotiation-in-LA.jpgAfter a personal injury accident, the negotiation with the insurance company is important for obtaining the right amount of compensations for your injuries, medical bills, and emotional strain. The negotiation phase starts after you sent the demand letter to the insurance company. After this, the insurer will present arguments that will most likely diminish the value of your claim and will try to get you to settle for less.
It is important to go through the negotiation process with a clear settlement amount in mind and have the right counter-arguments so that the insurance company does not attempt to lessen your compensation. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you during the insurance company negotiation phase.

Successful negotiation with the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney

Insurance companies will treat personal injury accidents with a reasonable amount of care but their offers for compensations might be lower than the true amount needed to cover the damages. While some cases are easier to settle than others, especially when the injuries are not extensive, in cases where the victim has sustained traumatic injuries it is best to request the help of one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.
A lawyer will help you outline the strongest points in your case and will help you negotiate with the insurance adjuster. A straightforward claim and one that is not made in a hurry will have greater chances to receive a larger amount of compensations once a counter-demand is placed.

Key questions in the negotiation process

The insurance adjuster will need to know the most important details about the accident. The manner in which you present these facts can be crucial for the negotiation process. Common questions asked by the insurance agency can include:
- your injuries: if they are temporarily or permanently disabling;
- liability: who is guilty of the accident and can be accused of negligence;
- the medical bills: nature of the treatment and whether or not other medical problems could have aggravated your health;
- coverage: if your insurance policy covers those specific types of injuries.
 A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you prepare your answers to these questions. Moreover, our experts can help you claim according to the California insurance code and obtain all the rightful compensations you are entitled to.
Contact our team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you are having any kinds of problems negotiating with your insurance company.


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