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How to Handle Car Accidents Caused by Elderly Drivers

Vehicle accidents in California can happen for a number of reasons and age it not necessarily a defining factor. However, although they are not explicitly prohibited from driving, elderly vehicle owners should comply with the California Department of Motor Vehicles requirements for physical and cognitive functions and the use of medication while driving. If you are involved in a vehicle accident caused by a senior driver you can ask one of the Los Angles personal injury attorneys for help.

Compensations Limited by the Defendant's Maximum Policy Amount


The defendant found guilty in a personal injury case will have to pay for a number of compensations, including but not limited to medical bills. Finding out whether or not he/she has an insurance policy that can cover for these expenses is a legitimate concern after having negotiated for a settlement amount. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you find out if the defendant can pay the settlement.

Types of Compensations You May Not have Considered to Ask For


As a victim of a personal injury, you are entitled to a number of compensations. In most cases, these will cover general expenses like the medical bills, property damage and lost wages during the recovery period. A common compensation is also that for pain and suffering. However, in some cases, there are some types of compensations you may not have thought about. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys highlight these types of additional compensation. 

New Rules for Using the Mobile Phone while Driving in California


New rules apply as of 2017 for drivers who use their mobile phones while driving in California. The new law entered into effect on January 1, 2017, after being signed by the California Governor in late September last year. The amended law does not prohibit all and any use of a mobile or smartphone device while driving, even if it is for orientation purposes. This change will influence the manner in which liability and negligence and taken into consideration in vehicle accidents. Individuals involved in a car crash after January 1 who were the victim of someone else’s negligence while driving can request the help of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

Large Settlement in an Eggshell Plaintiff Case in California


The eggshell plaintiff rule can come to the aid of those injured individuals who were already suffering from certain illnesses or already had certain characteristics that made them more fragile or prone to injuries. A case that was judged by the Los Angeles Superior Court illustrates this rule after a 65-year-old man was injured in a car accident. Plaintiffs who know that their health state allows for the use of the eggshell plaintiff rule can request the help of one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

Injuries Caused by Hotel Workers


When hotel guests are hurt by other individuals they have the right to claim compensation and seek justice for the criminal act that has been brought upon them. Assault or battery can take place in a hotel, especially in densely populated areas like Los Angeles. While the third party that commits the assault may or may not be connected to the hotel staff, the hotel owners have a duty of care towards their clients and should provide safe premises and conditions for staying. One of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who specialize in these types of crimes can provide you with adequate details.

Actor Killed by Defective Jeep in California


In June 2916 Anton Yelchin, who was known for his roles in the Star trek movies, was killed after his Jeep rolled backward in the driveway while he was checking the mailbox. The actor’s parents filed a lawsuit for wrongful death against the manufacturing company, Fiat Chrysler. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys show you how the wrongful death lawsuit went to court and discuss cases involving defective vehicles.

Intersection Accident with a Yellow Cab Car


The Li vs. the Yellow Cab case is known in the Californian case law as a classic example of a vehicle accident in which both parties are the fault. Prior to this case, California did not have a pure comparative negligence rule but a contributory negligence system. Vehicle accidents in which the defendant and the plaintiff seek monetary compensation for the damages are very common throughout Los Angeles and California. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys help you understand how the court system analyses such claims.

Emotional Distress as a Personal Injury


Individuals injured in an accident in California have the right to claim compensation for the emotional trauma resulted after the accident. The law on emotional distress is based on jurisprudence, case law, and statutes. In order to be able to claim these types of compensations, the plaintiff will need to prove that the defendant inflicted the emotional distress, along with the physical injuries where applicable. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys highlight the most important elements to be proven in an emotional distress claim in California.

Do You Have to Worry about Taxes for a Personal Injury Settlement?

Personal injury cases are often settled before they are taken to court. This means that both parties can agree from the early stages of the negotiation on a satisfactory amount to be paid for the injuries, both physical and emotional ones. The plaintiff hopes to receive the compensation as soon as possible and use it to recover whatever damages possible in order to get on with his life as soon as possible after the accident. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys list the cases in which taxes can apply to the settlement and those in which it is unlikely.

Settlement for Emotional Distress in a Child Wrongful Death Case in California


Some of the most compelling personal injury cases are those that involve children. In a particular personal injury case, that was settled in California and that is often cited in courtrooms, a mother witnessed the wrongful death of her infant child. The case went to the California Supreme Court and it was there where it was decided how one party’s negligence caused the other’s emotional distress. Compensations for pain and suffering are often harder to exemplify in court. However, with the help of one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, victims can find that their emotional trauma is worth as much as the physical injuries, if not more.

How Long Should My Case Take?


A personal injury claim can take months or years. Each case is different and, depending on its complexity and when the case is brought to court, the plaintiff will have to adjust to the fact that this is often a lengthy process. Although not always an option, one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you try to settle the claim outside of court.

Dangerous Intersection Cases in California

When roads or intersections in a city are inherently dangerous and the city authorities know about it but do nothing to correct the problem, the victims injured as a direct result of such inappropriate conditions can hold the city liable for the accident. This was the case in a wrongful death accident that took place in 2013 in San Pedro, California. In this particular case, the plaintiffs offered their settlement demand but the city refused to pay. The case went to trial and, with the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, the case settled for a very large amount.

Tour Bus Accidents


For people who plan tour bus trips while visiting California, the word accident is the last one on their minds. Still, these types of unfortunate events can take place just as any other vehicle accident. The severity of the crash can be different but in most cases like these, the total number of victims is a significant one and injuries vary from severe ones to simple sprains or bruises. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys show you what are the steps after such an accident.

Drug Recall Cases


Patients who were harmed or whose lives were put in danger by drugs or medical devices can turn to legal help, especially if the the manufacturer has recalled the drug. The first step is to learn if you have a personal injury case. For this purpose, it is recommended that you discuss with one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. Cases involving big pharmaceutical companies are numerous and it is helpful to know if there are similarities between your particular case and defective drug or product and other victims.

Employee Injury on a Commercial Ship


Commercial vessels can present a certain hazard for employees. While the seamen are aware of these, the employer must still make sure that the ship meets the adequate safety standards. When an employee is injured on a ship not because of his own negligence but because of a defective product or the employer’s negligence, he can claim compensation. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help protect your rights if you are injured on a commercial ship. 

Case Analysis: Settlement for Bicyclist Brain Injury


Bicyclists have very little protection, especially on routes like freeways or expressways. One example is that of a bicyclist who was injured outside the San Diego freeway in 2016 and who managed to obtain three million dollars as compensation for permanent traumatic brain injury. The plaintiff sued the city of Los Angeles for improperly posting bike route signs. While there are no official reports on other types of compensation, the victim and his Los Angeles personal injury attorneys may have chosen to also take legal action against the car driver who hit the bicyclist. 

Useful Tips if You Have Never Given a Deposition Before


The deposition is a testimony made by the plaintiff, under oath. It takes place during the early stages of the personal injury case, before the trial. This takes place between the plaintiff and the defense attorney in the presence of a court reporter who will record the answers. It is important to deliver the correct and sufficient information at this stage and also firmly and correctly state your case. If this is the first time you have ever given a deposition, you can talk to one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys in order to make sure that all goes smoothly.

The Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case


The expert witness is able to provide much-needed explanations, clarifications, and a detailed analysis, from an objective and qualified point of view. The witness is an expert in a certain field and his or her testimony can be used alongside other witness reports when trying to prove the facts or cause of a personal injury accident. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can recommend that you request the assistance of an expert witness if your case can rely on such expertise. 

Supporting Evidence in a Personal Injury Case


The documents you present in the early stages of the personal injury trial or the during negotiation phase can influence the manner in which you construct your case. While some documents and supporting evidence are mandatory in order for the case to proceeds properly, other documents are not submitted at a later stage. Having the help provided by one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can be beneficial for a making a successful case.

How to Write the Notification Letters


A successful personal injury case is largely determined by how you are able to state your case and how you make your claim. The documentation you submit when you present your case, how you write the notification letters, as well as the legal help you receive from one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, can make the difference between winning and losing your case or between a larger and a less substantial settlement amount. 

Personal Injuries in Case of Daycare Abuse


Daycare centers throughout California provide needed solutions for busy parents. But are these daycare providers offering the best care for your child? It is important to check all of the credentials of a child care facility and also pay attention to the signs that might indicate daycare abuse after the child has been with the caretakers for some time. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers are able to provide you with the needed legal advice if you are dealing with such a difficult case.

The Importance of Car Rental Insurance in Case of Personal Injuries


Many visitors choose to rent cars when in California and all car rental companies are required to offer an insurance which will cover both a possible victim and the damages caused to the vehicle in case of an accident. Understating the what a rental car insurance means is quite difficult, especially when you are not familiar with renting cars all the time. Below our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys explain what you should be looking when you rent a car and what you can do in case of a rental car accident.

How to Prove a Slip and Fall Accident in Los Angeles


Slip and fall accidents happen all the time and in all sorts of places. While some of them are easy and the personal injuries sustained are not significant, there is also the other side of the coin where the injuries are important and imply medical care. But how to determine liability in slip and fall accidents? Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will answer this and other relevant questions in the article below.

Landscaping Truck Accidents in Los Angeles


The desire of individuals of having nice gardens and of the authorities to offer beautiful landscapes in public parks has led to a rise in the number of accidents provoked by landscaping trucksPedestrians, bike riders and in some cases even car drivers get hit by these trucks which also operate on small streets. If you have suffered an accident caused by a landscaping truck, you can seek assistance from our L.A. personal injury attorneys.